Thank You for 7 years!

It is with heavy hearts that we announce that Tyme Band had its final show at King's in Mountaintop on December 17, 2016.
First we want to say that the band is parting on good terms. Tom, Rick, Stephen and J.D. will always be one family. We don't know what the future holds for each of us, because music is, and always will be a part of our life. We felt we would like to bow out gracefully while we are still one of the top classic rock bands in the valley.
During our tyme together, before, during and after every show we always loved playing for our "Tyme Travelers." There were some bad nights, sometimes our amps broke, sometimes our voices went south and medical issues were in the background, but we were still the classic rock band that you all wanted to hear.
It is important to understand that for Tyme Band, the opinion on whether or not it is in fact tyme to give up doesn't come from any one faction, but from all of the years we have been doing this.
In total, we have over 100 years of playing in various bands. Tom, Rick and J.D. have been doing this since the 60's and beyond.
Let us take you back awhile and tell you how Tyme Band started again.
Tyme Band was together from 1979 to 1988 as a top 40 band and played all the local venues and bazaars. The band parted ways until 2008 when our Sound/Light man Tony, got in touch through email and suggested we have a reunion. We met at a local pig roast in Mountaintop, talked about old tymes, exchanged pictures, and had a very good "family tyme" like we never parted.
We decided we would then get together every year for a "reunion" of sorts and we did in 2009 when we all attended another function together. It was then that we decided to form Tyme Band again.
We had been rehearsing about 7 months before our first show at the Nanticoke Music Fest in June of 2010 and the rest is history.
We first want to thank the most important people in our lives, our wives Theresa, Ann, Heide and April for supporting us. We love you all very much.
To Rob Heck and John Stone who have been our official roadies over the years and for a time
Art Lucarino….Thanks guys, without you we would have given up long ago…..Just kidding!!
And the most important people -- our "Tyme Travelers" who have been with us since day one…Following us wherever we played, texting messages back to us, reserving tables, albeit sometimes not getting any, cause it was so crowded. You folks are the best and we will be forever grateful to all of you!
Some folks consider themselves as fans of Tyme Band. We consider all of you "family" not only fans.
Once again, thank you to all involved with Tyme Band for the past 7 years and from 1979 to 1988. We have an endless thankfulness for all of you who made this band what it is today. So from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU! Unfortunately we will not be booking anymore shows after this last show at King's.
In closing, we want to thank every Tyme Traveler, family, friends and fans from the bottom of our hearts for such great memories. It has been a great TYME.!! We will never forget a face or a feeling, and that is what we have left from all of you.
As for the guys in the band and what will come next………Stay tuned!!!!!!!

Tom-Rick-J.D. Jim & Stephen of TYME BAND

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Check out our Reverbnation Mp3 player to the left. You can click "She's Gone" to hear us 25 years ago or Tell Mama by Savoy Brown, or click "Mix of Six" for a short preview of the 6 songs we recorded.